Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Gateway to Aceh, Indonesia

Salam sejahtera.

So. today I would like to do some throwback about my very first gateway! and It was a gateway to Aceh, Indonesia ( and It happened last year, 2016 ) with my friends from Science Muar Royal Academy.

And yeay, for my first flight I saw the airplane infront of my two eyes as we need to walk to get into it.

Well, never regret that I chose Aceh as my first overseas destination. Because once you arrived there, you can see how wonderful Islam.

Sometimes, I do think that Im suitable to smile by showing my teeth ( but sometime I dont think so ). So, pictures below were pictures of a boat which was swept away by tsunami and afflicts a house. I dont really remember about the story ( you can google it for more information especially about the woman in green top and black hijab ). How I miss the moment.

The food might be like Malaysian food ( if you look in pictures ) but if once you tried the food, there were differences. Both hv their own style.

Im in love with the cendol! so yummy. thank you sir for treating us cendol after such a long shopping day hahha. ( well, I do experience the moment to shop my stuff, souvenir, and so on alone even tho there were scary feeling inside but at least im survived )

and of course once you went to internationalization program, you need to visit one of the school there. And we went to SMAN 1 INGIN JAYA. What I love during the visit? I love the performances. They were so great that you cant even imagine how long does It took to practice such a wonderful performances. Thank you. And I did took a picture during some of my schoolmates were interviewed ( we were on tv! )

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