Tuesday, 28 February 2017

My 1st Shaklee

Assalammualaikum and Hello.

So, this was my first time trying Shaklee Fullset Slimming ( slimming ? hahaha at least Im trying ).

OMEGA GUARD, it helps to remove unnecessary fat especially which has been stored long enough in our body.

HERB LAX, it helps to get rid of fat, makes us easier to defecate, and  remove detox out of body.

What are the advantages of slimming set (OMEGA GUARD + HERB LAX)?
  • Lowers our cholesterol levels
  • prevent blood vessels from clogging
  • help us to avoid obesity
  • strengthens our memory
  • burn fat fast
  • increase our metabolism
  • wash our gut
  • help to improve our trouble shooting constipation
  • smoothing our skin, makes the skin look natural pinkish
  • makes it easier to defecate

btw, esp is not for pregnant women only! esp is suitable for all. those who are not married, married, aged people, even kids can drink it ( 1 y/o and above ) and, men also can drink it.

If you are that type of an uncontrollable appetite, ESP good for you to give a feeling of fullness and prevent the body often chew all day.

other advantages by taking ESP:
  • Fades scars
  • Control the growth of acne
  • improve the function of female hormone
  • makes our skin becomes firmer and healthier
  • retain energy for the long term
  • makes our body feels full even when we've done heavy work
  • ideal for those who want to lose weight.

since, I just bought chia seeds, so, I decided to put some of chia seeds in my ESP drink. =)

actually, Ive been looking into the shaklee slimming set ( since I were still a highschool student ) because I always read about the benefits ( on my social medias ) by taking shaklee and there happens to be set slimming from Shaklee. So, I bought this Shaklee Fullset Slimming from our famous blogger Irine Nadia ( Shaklee Senior Coordinator ).

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