Friday, 24 March 2017

Samyang - Ramen Kimchi Halal.

Assalammualaikum and Hello.

I just back from my hometown and we decided to hv our dinner at home and not at a restaurant ( like what we usually done once a week ) bcs all of us were extremely tired. so we decided to eat instant noodle at home bcs it has been a long time since they didnt eat instant noodle ( not me of course just had them last week ).

So, I decided to eat Ramen Kimchi. It was a soup version of instant noodle from Samyang. All I can said was, not bad ( actually It taste was like Maggi Asam Laksa ). but not bad, Ive put egg, onion and crab sticks inside ( which I rarely put due to lazyness ). So, it worth a try.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

I've Won in the Giveaway Topup Percuma by Cik Candy

Assalammualaikum and Hello.

Thank you so much to Cik Candy for the topup. thank you for the giveaway. yeayy Ive won in the giveaway ( because the expire date for my phone number for an online bussiness are around next month ). So, topup is needed hehe, since ive won the topup, so theres no need to buy topup anymore.

some of my friends hv changed their phone number to a new one ( and Im so lazy to delete their old contact number and put a new one ). why u want to bother buy a new one ( new number ) if u can buy topup ? well if u doesnt use the topup , u can share it to another phone number ( ur family members maybe? )

so there're activities happen in ur phone number and ur friends also will not lost contact with you. Ive used my phone number ( personal one not for bussiness ) for quiet a long time, and if you look at my sim card ( its actually the old one ). ive used this phone number since im 13 years old ( my first smartphone ).

click on the picture below to read the entire entry of the winners.

Samyang - Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen Ice Type Halal

Assalammualaikum and Hello.

like seriously! this gonna be my fav samyang ever! i love it! you need to try it to know more about the taste. there must be some of you who are wondering what the differences between this type of ramen with the normal one ( in black packaging ).

at first, just like the other instant noodle, you need to boil it a hot water ( until cooked enough ) and then you need to put it in a bowl which full w/ ice ( to make it cool for few minutes ) and then take out the water ( from the bowl of ice ) and u can eat it ( but make sure u put the perisa-perisa yg diberi ).

i love it bcs it taste different even the size of noodle are much more smaller than in the black packaging and some ppl said that this ramen are less spicy but for me not ( I think it was much more spicy than the normal one ).

So, u better try it by urself bcs everyone are different. some ppl say yay some ppl say nay. I said yayy

Saturday, 18 March 2017

I've got my sticky

Assalammualaikum and Hello.

so, ive bought this candy online. I knew about the existence of the candy was when one of my dormates gave each of us to taste it. and we only got about 2 ketul sticky ( she said it was expansive. well, at least she gave us ).

and yeayy, it was really delicious. thats why I decided to buy it online, bcs it was hard to find the store nearby ( im not living in a big city ). I bought it from a personal shopper. You olls can try it if you wanna taste something different.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

my 1st mini macaroons

Assalammualaikum and Hello.

actually that was my first time eating macaroons ( and suddenly that kind of feeling like you are in Paris in the middle of cold and you are eating macaroons pass by hahhaha ). im not living in the big city and it was hard to find rare stuff, viral stuff here. but It doesnt meant that I cant find it.

I think I can be awarded the Girl of Online Shopping because Ive bought a lot of stuff online ( and most of it were food ) until my dad decided to hide one of my parcel bcs day by day tk sah kalau posmen tk dtg ( he was angry actually ).

I just bought 20-30 pcs of mini macaroons and I did regret it a little bcs I got it in the morning and that night theres only empty container left. It was delicious. say goodbye to my diet.

Friday, 10 March 2017

I've Won in the Giveaway: Happy Birthday Aireen! by Elsaalicious & Sponsors

Assalammualaikum and Hello.

So, actually this giveaway was among my top three giveaway after I make my comeback ( blog comeback hahha ). well, going to a boarding school and once you came back home for a break of course you hv to sleep and theres no wifi at home.

we doesnt hv wifi at home bcs im the oldest among my 3 siblings ( including me ) and i rarely at home. even my siblings they doesnt hv phones yet ( last year okay ) and one of them already hv a smartphone now ( well, my old smartphone hahahah ). my parents, they work and they use mobile data ( for whatsapps and so on ).

but now, im officially at home for a while ( waiting for my spm result which is going to be out next week ) and after discuss about this, yeayy theres wifi.

thankyou Sis Elsa, for organizing this giveaway 😍😍

you can click image below to read the entry. thank you for reviewing my little blog. I really appreciate it.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Assalammualaikum and Hello.

So, Ive won in the Mini Giveaway by #JMBELOG #1 . thank you for the RM5 (TOPUP) 😃 really appreciate it since im using a prepaid phone number ( and I havent topup for such a long time actually ).

why you need to topup if you need to call no one, and who are still using message?. most of the time im using wifi ( so no need to buy mobile data ) and im using whatsapp not message. but sometimes I do topup my phone number, so that my number wont die ( lots of my friends and family members hy my phone number in their phone )

so i think its going to be hard if i need to change my phone number and contact to all of them and say that ( hey , this is my new phone number, you can delete the old one bcs i havent topup it for a long time so it die ).

the conclusion here, thank you for the topup. 😊

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Samyang - Su Tah Ramen Halal

Assalammualaikum and Hello.

yesterday, I've ate 2 type of instant noodle ( it was my first time to eat instant noodle for more than 1 time in a day ). well, normal maggi in the evening ( right before I went to my mandarin class ) and this Samyang - Su Tah Ramen Halal as my late night supper ( while watching the return of superman ).

So, all I can say about this instant noodle were not bad ( i prefer instant noodle w/out soup ). bcs you can taste the flavor as you ate it w/ ur chopsticks ( for instant noodle w/out soup ). but this, if try the soup itself delicious ( tumbs up ) but if you ate it w/ ur chopsticks , all you can taste were the noodle itself w/out any flavor.

but still, it worth a try. lately im so into trying new things.

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