Tuesday, 21 March 2017

I've Won in the Giveaway Topup Percuma by Cik Candy

Assalammualaikum and Hello.

Thank you so much to Cik Candy for the topup. thank you for the giveaway. yeayy Ive won in the giveaway ( because the expire date for my phone number for an online bussiness are around next month ). So, topup is needed hehe, since ive won the topup, so theres no need to buy topup anymore.

some of my friends hv changed their phone number to a new one ( and Im so lazy to delete their old contact number and put a new one ). why u want to bother buy a new one ( new number ) if u can buy topup ? well if u doesnt use the topup , u can share it to another phone number ( ur family members maybe? )

so there're activities happen in ur phone number and ur friends also will not lost contact with you. Ive used my phone number ( personal one not for bussiness ) for quiet a long time, and if you look at my sim card ( its actually the old one ). ive used this phone number since im 13 years old ( my first smartphone ).

click on the picture below to read the entire entry of the winners.

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