Saturday, 24 December 2016

Gateway to Uzbekistan

Salam sejahtera.

So, it has been such a long time since my last post on this blog. I've finished my SPM examination on 29th November 2016 and now finally, I can focus on my blog 😆 yeay

On 14th December 2016 until 21th December 2016 all of us (family) went for a holiday trip to Uzbekistan. Well, at first even I hv a thought why must Uzbekistan? why not Korea or Japan or China ?. but my dad answer that he want a trip to a Islamic Country. Its okay Its alright as long as I can hv my holiday.

From KLIA - S'PORE - TASHKEN and then we changed our flight TASHKEN - BUKHARA. fuhh, you know what you really got cramp on ur whole body bcs it was such a long journey like 12 hours ( included ur journey from ur home to Klia ) and then once u hv arrived at Bukhara. Ur visit straightly started w/out let you clean urself at the hotel. hahha experience

For most of our visit during the trip was visit Makam. and for every place will hv one representative to read the Quran and u know what those ppl hv such a soothing voice.

This was where we hv our first lunch in Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan, makanan ruji mereka adalah roti and we did brought some bread from there to Malaysia but the bread was moldy maybe bcs Uzbekistan is a dry place and Malaysia hv a humid surrounding. The bread was nice and delicious if u eat it when it was hot and the surrounding temp. was low.

My first thought was, wow no wonder Uzbekistan ppl was beautiful this might be their secret weapon. Vege, I did try to eat them but just cant. It is not that u didnt eat vege but the vege was too banyak.

Well, only M'sian ppl drink tea with sugar and we did ask for sugar for every restaurant that we came bcs they didnt put sugar in their tea and the tea taste like a tea for slimming hahha.

Like seriously, in every shop that we visit, bangunan diorang sangat unik. bcs lots of design, art and much more. This is why their Nasi Beriani was delicious nyumm 😋

And It was my first snow in my life yeayy 😀 when ure too excited to play with the snow and make a decision to ignore ur freezingness hahha

My friend did ask me "Do you wanna build a snowman?" and my answer was "No bcs snowman will melt" but I end up build one and leave it alone poor snowman 😅

dunno what to write bcs sometimes pictures tell you thousands word. Please ignore my broken english or manglish bcs It is not an english examination and I think this can be my platform to practice my english by writing.

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