Sunday, 15 January 2017

2017 with THEDAISYA


So, its 2017 already? How time flies so fast that I didnt even realise. Im currently waiting for my spm result and now at home (eating, sleeping, shopping and repeat). Im agreed with what Ustaz Chemist said to all of us (my classmates) that you're going to miss your high school moment once you've left the schooling year.

I miss them. Even though there were lot of ups and downs between us. You know what Im starting my new year by launching my own online bussiness

Im so happy if you would like to like THEDAISYA's facebook page and follow @thedaisya on instagram. We are still new in this online bussiness world. So, our team will be very glad if you can give us some tips or maybe feedback to us that can be improved.

Just passed my computer examination in order to get driving license. and now I've got my L yeayyy. thums up to myself.

P/S: Just bought a new novel but I've finished read the novel on the same day and now Im so bored! #ineednewnovels

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