Saturday, 11 March 2017

my 1st mini macaroons

Assalammualaikum and Hello.

actually that was my first time eating macaroons ( and suddenly that kind of feeling like you are in Paris in the middle of cold and you are eating macaroons pass by hahhaha ). im not living in the big city and it was hard to find rare stuff, viral stuff here. but It doesnt meant that I cant find it.

I think I can be awarded the Girl of Online Shopping because Ive bought a lot of stuff online ( and most of it were food ) until my dad decided to hide one of my parcel bcs day by day tk sah kalau posmen tk dtg ( he was angry actually ).

I just bought 20-30 pcs of mini macaroons and I did regret it a little bcs I got it in the morning and that night theres only empty container left. It was delicious. say goodbye to my diet.

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  1. hye..saje2 lawat blog theaaisy, xde kelas harini, so free sepanjang hari


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