Monday, 24 April 2017

Ive got my license

Assalammualaikum and Hello.

so, long time no see all of you. 😏 even tho im actually at home doing nothing and 24/7 infront of my laptop watching dramas, movies and so on but still ive no idea what to post on my blog. since I just got my license and this means that ive passed my JPJ with one try yeah.

so why not I post something about it on my blog? well as a sweet memory and youve no reason to forget about it. so, JPJ was my first test after SPM. and this test doesnt require you to read books like what youve done during ur SPM. this test require ur skill. every people can take this exam. not only for those who got flying colours in SPM ( so dont worry ). lets hv a little throwback.

that time im actually waiting for my driving teacher to finish his work. and suddenly here comes a aunty.

SHE : My son/daughter , he/she got flying colour in his/her SPM but failed during the JPJ test ( hill part )
THE OTHER DRIVING TEACHER : But miss, driving doesnt require you to get flying colours in ur SPM. It requires skill. If youve got no skill in driving, then you cant drive.
MY TEACHER : If driving require you to get flying colours, then lot people cant sit for the JPJ test.

btw, I should be able to sit this JPJ test in December last year, but my driving training center ( at my district ) only have one auto car ( we use it for practicing and we use the same car for the test ) and the car was damaged and it took about 3 months to be repaired. so we can say that I took the test a little bit late than my other friends. but who cares, at least ive got my license in one try ( my other friends, they sit for the exam for more than 2 times , some of them of course )

and for ur information, i took auto car license and not manual. why? because for me theres no need to make something even difficult for thing that is indeed difficult. imma girl and for me driving is actually hard. because one mistake that you make can lead to accident ( im quite fobia when it comes to accident even tho ive never been in an serious accident ).

and when my JPJ test were around the corner, ive received a lot of news about accident which involves people that I knew ( that makes me even nervous to take my test ). 2 days before test, ive whatsapp my friends, asking them about their experience, what to do during communication test, and asking them ' is it true that we need to do like that during the test ' ( like what ive read on the articles that ive found online, like what ive watched on youtube videos ).

because I stand with my priciples ( malu bertanya sesat jalan and its better to sediakan payung sebelum hujan ) and Im asking my friends about the test and I guess they do felt like what the heck this girl?! but who cares, existing knowledge should be shared.

and believe me, during my driving lessons, most of the class, Ive always got scolded by my teacher ( of course it was kinda sad until ive felt like i dont want to sit for test ). ive got scolded because of my driving class timetable, because of my driving skill and because i always got nervous easily when it comes to some situation during ur driving on the road ( like when there are people crossing the road and so on ).

but life must go on bruh. believe me. every teacher wants their students to pass the test in one try. my driving teacher always said this to me. deep

Do not waste your parents money. It is because, it already expansive to pay for the first test and if you fail the first test, your parents need to pay more for you to take the next test.

so, to those who are going to take your JPJ test soon, do ask your friends ( better to ask ur friends who took the test at the same place ). This is because each place has their own way on how to handle the test. So goodluck! if you are too nervous for the test, better pinch urself hard ( i did that and it works on me ). and ask your teacher to pray for you to pass the exam ( doa cikgu Inyaallah makbul ) thats what I ask to my teacher.

thank you sir for teaching me driving. even tho it was hard for me especially when you always scolded me, but I believe in every words you say bcs you are my teacher. so girls / boys out there believe in ur teacher words. they knew the best for us.

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