Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Trying Hot Wax by Norah Organic Hair Removal

Assalammualaikum and Hello.

so, while waiting for my mom's whatsapp to be done with backing up messages, why not we write something on this blog? since I just bought something online and kind of feels like wanna share about it with all of you ( who might already knew about this product, and might not ). lately, I found lot of ppl on instagram keeps giving their positive feedback about this product and it makes me wanna try it by myself.

I bought a bottle of Hot Wax by Norah Organic Hair Removal which at first I felt like ( why I bought a hot wax?! when you knew you're a newbie in this kind of product ). so many thought stepped into my head, and one of it, is what if it will be really hot on your skin, if you apply it? aww I hate hot.

so, if this kind of question step into your mind, I want to say that please dont be so afraid to try something new. be brave and be cool. I bought it on shopee ( I guess lot of people doesnt know about it existence, and now you knew :) )

why I bought it on shopee? because the postage were free there ( only if you're buying something above than RM25 ) and the product itself costs RM35 exclude postage. if I buy it on instagram, the total that I need to pay include postage are going to be RM44 and something cents ( i dont remember ). that's my reason.

I spend a lot of time on shopee , just to find a trusted seller and Alhamdulillah I found one. So, it was like, she posted my parcel today and tomorrow Ive received my parcel. so fast, and my money worth it.

so, inside the parcel were this ( please look at pictures below ). I bought a set of hot wax by norah organic hair removal and here what Ive got, a bottle of hot wax and a packet of tools. actually there are two types of wax ( cold wax and hot wax ) which you can choose.

here I wanna share with you on how I use the hot wax. first thing that you need to do is, you need to heat the wax ( by using microwave or put the bottle in a boil water, on a fire ) I prefer using the microwave, normally I heat the wax in the microwave for 50 seconds and im done.

The texture of the wax is liquid like water after you've heat it and you can apply the wax ( using the wooden stick ) to the section you'd like to wax. but please beware that the wax are going to be really hot after you heat it, so make sure before you apply it on ur skin, the temperature of the wax are suitable for you ( test the wax on ur wrist to know if the temperature are right ).

put the wax in the direction of hair growth and put the cotton strip on top of the wax and press gently also in the direction of hair growth. after like 30 seconds, pull the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth. and you are done.

in the packet of tools, you'll be received 2 big size of wooden sticks, 2 normal size of wooden sticks, 12 piece of cotton fabric and a paper ( written there, about hot wax and cold wax and how to use the wax that you bought ) so dont worry if you dont know how to use it.

so, here is my experience and honest review. well, it was nice and smooth. unfortunately, the hot wax, it hardens fast ( and I dont really like that part ) but this organic hair removal are such a nice product and worth your money to try it because you can do it yourself, mini home spa. and you can do your project anytime you want.

and there are no injuries that you will face during the use of this product ( because if you shave your hair, you might be injured ). and my most fav part about this product are this wax is the best among the others because you wont be injured, it wont be sticky on your skin after you use it, the wax ( leftover on ur skin ) also can be easily wash and the cotton fabric are also reusable.

say no to shaving! some of you might think that why I bravely post about this product on my blog. my reason are men or women, we both hv our own pubic hair.

and this product, it works on me and I felt really happy about this. yeayyy

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